Founders: Richard Counsell, Eartha Lowe


The story goes that there was once a guy named Richard who met a girl named Eartha. The two fell in love over their shared appreciation for good food, and got together to create a "richer earth."

Richard Counsell has a background in social work, managing food booths at tradeshows, and also operated a food truck.

Eartha Lowe is a food writer, food photographer, recipe developer, and entrepreneur. Eartha is also the founder of Cooking Green Goodness, a small boutique, vegan food and wellness magazine. Cooking Green Goodness Magazine is inspired to provide a platform where we can highlight the vegan food and culture that exists in the Caribbean community, and amplify voices in the conversations surrounding veganism.

Richard, just like Eartha, also has an entrepreneurial spirit. RicherEarth Vegan Eats is their love story.

Their mission is to: operate as an eco-conscious business by reducing their carbon "food print" through collective climate action; work with causes for the protection of, and ethical treatment of animals; through vegan food programs, inspire a shift in thinking about how we choose to nourish our bodies and build a community willing to learn about the many ways to embrace veganism.

What they develop as a team are true vegan products inspired by fresh and local ingredients with a taste of Jamaican culture.


Get to know the foundation that inspires RicherEarth Vegan Eats to deliver good-for-you delicious food inspired by their Canadian and Jamaican roots. Sample their signature "Hot & Sassy" Jamaican-Style Pumpkin Soup or their “Jamaican Me Hungry” Power Bowls of whole food goodness. Order their delicious dinner packages with dishes like Vegan Shepherd's Pie cooked with all natural ingredients such as sweet potato, lentils, sautéed mushrooms, spinach, and aromatic herbs. Ask about their festive natural juice bar; they book parties. Order their “baker approved” and popular Vegan Chocolate-Zucchini Cake – or mini bites – for your next celebration. Shop their organic line of dressings, soup, and natural juices.

Good food has always been a passion for the cooks and Culinary Nutritionists at RicherEarth Vegan Eats. This company understands that good nutrition plays a crucial role for healthy living. They understand the importance of cooking with whole fresh foods and real ingredients, and why they are worth embracing.

Most importantly, this company’s values align with the protection of, and ethical treatment of animals. The products they develop afford people the opportunity to enjoy the many substitutes available for all the animal products that vegans and even non-vegans can enjoy. 

Thanks to all of the patrons who stopped by to dine and shop with RicherEarth Vegan Eats at any one of our events. This small business is happy to know that the work they do makes an impact as people continue to reach out to place orders. RicherEarth Vegan Eats as a company, and the individuals that started this journey, would like to thank you for the overwhelming support and for loving what they bring to your table!


Line of Organic Artisan Dressings, Soup & Stews, Baked Goods
Look out for additional products to be added to RicherEarth Vegan Eats' 100% plant-powered online catalogue.


Our services include professional catering and meal prep for a wide range of vegan food products. Contact to inquire.