Tips To Dispose of Leftover Pumpkin In An Eco-Friendly Manner

Consider these tips to reuse or responsibly dispose of pumpkins this season:

Feed The Animals

Some animals enjoy eating pumpkins. Consider feeding wildlife in your area. Add pumpkin seeds to your bird feeder instead of tossing them in the trash. An animal sanctuary near you is also a good place to reach out to. Pigs love pumpkin!

Compost Bin
Pumpkins are organic waste, which means they can be added to your compost bin. Be sure to remove all of the pumpkin seeds before adding the pumpkin to your compost. If you leave the seeds inside the pumpkin, new pumpkins may begin to grow within your compost pile.

Bury It
Dig shallow holes into your garden and place small pieces of pumpkin inside. Cover the holes with the soil and watch nature take its course. The pumpkin will eventually break down and enrich the soils, therefore improving the health of the flowers and plants in your garden.

Turn Pumpkins Into Planters
Use pumpkins to decorate the outside of your home for the fall season. Cut the top off the pumpkin and remove all of the fibrous strands and seeds. Fill the hollowed pumpkin with your favourite flowers or plant. A good tip is to line the inside of the pumpkin with burlap or landscaping cloth to prevent the soil from falling out.

Eat It!
Pumpkins that have not started to decay are still edible.

Resource: Recycle Nation