New Product Announcement! Reasons to "Guava Nice Day" with RicherEarth Vegan Eats' Spiced Guava Ketchup

Published: October 5, 2021

Start planning those recipes... Our love affair with good food continues! New from our table is a Spiced Guava Ketchup. 

Experience the taste of "hot and smoky" vegan ketchup in a bottle, inspired by fresh ingredients and Caribbean flavours. Handcrafted in Ontario. Order online and get it delivered!

We introduced our Spiced Guava Ketchup - in both Hot and Mild flavours - at several farmers markets, veg fests and other events during the 2021 season. Here's a look at what the people are saying. You can also read customer reviews on our products page.


"This stuff is so good!" @sunnylittleminds
"Delicious! Loved the spicy version!"
"Got a bottle of the hot flavour a week ago and it's almost all gone - so good!"
"It's so good! My one year old loves it too."
"This is the best ketchup! Delicious flavours and very versatile!"
"Got the hot one, tastes somewhat like curry ketchup with a little bit of added vinegar, and right at the end theirs (sic) slightly smoky & spicy ending note, not too spicy though. Absolutely delicious, think it would go great on veggie burgers!"
"Got a bottle last week at market and it was such a hit with my family! Tastes kind of like a bbq-hot sauce mix which we loved because we're not super crazy about ketchup. I don't think the bottle will last for long so I'm happy I can get more!" @shadeofmiti

Guava is a tropical fruit that is grown in many countries around the world. It is popular in many cultures for its sweet flavor and numerous health benefits including fiber support. There are many different types of guava, but the most common variety is the green guava. The fruit is usually eaten fresh, but can also be used in many recipes.

Guava is a fun a delicious fruit that's not only healthy but very versatile. This means it can be used in a variety of ways and recipes so you can guava up your diet.