Cooking In Season: December Produce Guide

One of our goals as a company is to continue to learn more about locally grown organic vegetables and fruit. We also like knowing the best places to source them. When you buy local, and in season, you get to experience foods at their peak in flavour and nutrition. 

When you buy local and in season, you also help support farmers (getting to enjoy visits to farmers markets), strengthening your community. Learning to shop local is a healthy decision; it does feels good to discover and cook the foods available in your own back yard!


Root vegetables take centre stage in hearty, heart-warming soups and stews this time of year.

A root vegetable is one where the root of the plant is eaten. They keep for long periods of time (several months if stored properly), and are usually harvested in the fall. The list of root vegetables include: yams; sweet potato; colourful beets and carrots; batata; parsnip; turnip; radish; garlic; onion; shallots; ginger; arrowroot; cassava (the root from which tapioca is made); fennel; rutabaga and turmeric.

Use our in season list of some wonderful vegetables and fruit to get inspiration for recipes.

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