In Her Vegan Shoes

A Poem by Eartha Lowe

Make believe you are a tiny bug.
Act out what is true about your world.
Tell us what you see,
Tell us what you hear,
Tell us what you smell, touch, and taste,
Which things are pleasant? unpleasant?

A powerful character appears on stage,
Sit quietly and listen a few,
To sturdy leather souls soles laid to rest in its place,
Extraordinary lives the fabric that holds the glue,
Stiff with muddy neglect.

Hear music, see beautiful colours,
Smell the autumn breeze of falling flowers.
Your senses now civilized to truth,
The earth a more comfortable place to walk on,
No longer the black sheep’s eyes covered too blind to see,
Swirling lines of red flowing through hands,
Carved with one point of view.

A new day is part of life’s eternal cycle,
In this big world, spinning around in space,
A tug-of-war with words and ideals,
Shrink until they are merely dots in the distance,
Scattered in grooves on the wind that pollinate,
Man’s heart away from nature,
Dreaming of lives they wish to savour.

Disclosure: The TULIPE Booties featured in the above photo (worn by the Author of this poem) was gifted by Call It Spring. All of Eartha's opinions on Call It Spring's products are her own.

Known and loved for its on- trend, affordable shoes and accessories, Call It Spring has made vegan accessible. This global footwear and accessories brand has gone fully vegan! Why is this important? Customers can now shop for the PETA-Approved Vegan products online and at over 400 stores globally that are entirely free from animal materials or derivatives. Call It Spring shoes, bags and accessories are now entirely free from animal skins, feathers, fur, hair, wool fibres, shells, real silk, and animal-based adhesives or components.

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Published November 1, 2022, This World Vegan Day