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  • Ways to Recycle and Repurpose Mason Jars

    Let's all do our part.
    Recycling can be confusing, but we have all recognized the importance of environmental responsibility and doing our part to take care of our planet.  As technology advances, the number of materials that can be recycled will inevitably increase. 
    We suggest that you check with your local recycling programs to find out the most up to date guidelines for your area.

  • Vegan Lingo and their Meaning

    Why is vegan lingo important?

    • Lingo allows you to express your feelings and way of thinking better than any language would.
    • It allows you to hold fluent conversations with likeminded people.
    • It allows you to understand language variations within the vegan community.
    • Helps one learn the history of veganism.
    • It helps evoke emotions more than any other language.
    • It describes concepts and ideas that cannot be expressed better using formal language.

  • Healthy Reasons Why We Love Mangoes

    To eat a fresh ripe mango, is to enter a world where eating just one in a sitting might not be enough. In Jamaica, some people eat the skin of the mango, especially if freshly picked from a tree.

    Many can enjoy fresh mangoes as a tasty treat or prepare them in various dishes. To determine a ripe mango, gently press it with your finger. If it leaves a dent, it is ripe and ready to eat. Here are some ways you can include mangoes in your diet.

  • We've Teamed Up With Random Acts of Green

    We are pleased to share with you that RicherEarth Vegan Eats has joined the Random Acts of Green member community.

    Random Acts of Green celebrates a community of members from businesses like ours, to individuals who engage in collective climate action. This collaborative group of businesses and individuals understand that this planet is our shared home and that we all have a part to play in protecting it. Tap link to read more.

  • Home Gardening Series (part 1): Growing Garlic Scapes

    What to expect from this series

    Follow us as our garden comes alive this spring summer with garlic scapes among other vegetables and fruit including scotch bonnet pepper, callaloo greens and peas. We hope to highlight what it means for us to value the earth and the bounty that it provides.

    See the time lapse in photography.  Learn about garlic scapes, how to cook with them, and get recipes. Get links to resources to learn about growing food.

  • Cooking In Season: Rhubarb

    Common uses for rhubarb begin with poaching in light syrup or stewing with other fruits. We typically eat rhubarb in dessert dishes and think of it more as a fruit, but, rhubarb is actually a vegetable. Rhubarb’s long, red stalks require some serious sweetness to balance their tartness, so dessert is a logical option.

    Rhubarb plants unfurl in spring from a bulbous, shiny red crown, and leaves unfold almost magically into giant ribbed shields on tart-sweet stalks. 

    A food craving is an intense, and sometimes uncontrollable desire for a specific food. Feeling stressed may also promote emotional eating and cravings for comfort foods. These types of foods are often junk, processed, and high in salt, sugar, and fat. Craving these types of foods can be a major roadblock for people trying to maintain a healthy weight or switch to a more healthful diet.

    The good news is that there are steps you can take to help cope with cravings. Here are some tips:

  • Is It Your New Year's Resolution To Eat Vegan? Then RicherEarth Vegan Eats Has Some Advice For You

    When a new year hits, many people focus on how their daily food choices can affect their lives. There is a shift in thinking to eat healthy, and maybe exercise. Sound familiar?

    Here’s some advice should you consider to go vegan.

    ✓Seek out vegan grocers to “veganize” your favourite meals. Developments in veganism afford us the opportunity to enjoy the many substitutes available for all the animal products that vegans and even non-vegans can enjoy, like delicious cheeses, butters (including fruit butters), spreads, sweeteners, sauces, condiments, and so much more!
  • Cooking In Season: December Produce Guide

    One of our goals as a company is to continue to learn more about locally grown organic vegetables and fruit. We also like knowing the best places to source them. When you buy local, and in season, you get to experience foods at their peak in flavour and nutrition. Tap to read more.

  • What's In A Whole And Natural Foods Pantry?

    "A kitchen filled with whole and natural foods is a powerful place – it is where our most fundamental needs for nourishment are met – from the food we eat to sitting around a table with our loved ones and laying down our burdens of the day."  Tap to read more.
  • Tips To Dispose of Leftover Pumpkin In An Eco-Friendly Manner

    Consider these tips to reuse or responsibly dispose of pumpkins this season:

    Feed The Animals

    Some animals enjoy eating pumpkins. Consider feeding wildlife in your area. Add pumpkin seeds to your bird feeder instead of tossing them in the trash. An animal sanctuary near you is also a good place to reach out to. Pigs love pumpkin!

  • Keeping Healthy Relationships During The COVID-19 Pandemic

    Human touch has a unique quality. Whether it is a simple hug or a tap on the arm, it is a palpable reminder that we are not alone. Human touch reminds us that others are there to offer their friendship, affection, or support.

    The news of COVID-19 has placed global populations on alert causing varied reactions. You may find yourself preoccupied with news events which may trigger worrying thoughts. The well-intentioned may spend a great deal of time trying to harness their emotions, but we are all too familiar with emotions that mutiny against reason and the damaging effects that can ensue from this.